• Built On Ethereum, Base, and Polygon 

    Aggregated liquidity from top marketplaces 

    Limit Orders

    Buy low, sell high. Execute your strategy with easy sets of rules


    Seamlessly trade using multiple addresses. Create "burner" addresses for privacy

    PnL tracking

    No more manual tracking. Get real-time profit and loss calculations for your trades

    Mirror trading

    Automatically replicate the success of expert traders. A set of rules protects against manipulation

  • Choose your level of control

    Web terminal works in both modes. Telegram bot works only in automated mode.


    Control all operations with the web3 wallet like Metamask, and sign transactions yourself. All trades are permissionless via smart contracts.


    Share access to newly created burner wallets and get the advantage of auto trading. The bot will sign transactions on your behalf. Transfer assets to private wallets at any time.

  • Roadmap


    ✅ OpenSea integration

    ✅ Blur integration

    ✅ Other marketplaces

    ✅ Deploy on Ethereum

    ✅ Web terminal

    ✅ Limit orders

    ✅ Trending collections

    ✅ Order book

    ✅ Mobile terminal

    ✅ PnL tracking

    ✅ Telegram notifications

    ✅ Tracking wallets for mirroring

    ✅ Mlti-wallet portfolio

    ✅ Deploy on Base

    ✅ Deploy on Polygon

    ✅ Referral program

    ✅ Airdrop1 points system

    + Telegram bot

    + Burner wallets

    + Mirror trading

    + Wallets labeling

    + Top wallets to mirror

    + Top PnL trades

    + Deploy on BSC

    + Mint sniping

    + Liuidity sniping

  • Backed by Funds and Strategic Angels 

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