• Reccurent Swaps for Tokens and Coins


    Dollar cost averaging

    Crypto is always in your wallet.

    Powered by Uniswap


  • Digital Collectibles as Trading Instruments


    PRO data free for everyone

    PRO dashboard for daily trading

    Easy interface for instant trades

  • No More Manual Listings or Bids on Marketplaces

    NFT Collection as Trading Instruments

    Order Book

    Aggregated liquidity from all popular marketplaces. See the whole picture of supply and demand and get the best prices.

    Limit Orders to Buy

    Set desired price, amount of tokens, and expiration date. The smart contract will fulfill your order from all marketplaces.

    Limit Orders to Sell

    Choose tokens from your wallet, and set desired price and expiration date. The tool will sell it to existing buying orders or list them on all marketplaces.

    Instant Swap

    The easiest way to trade for new traders.

    Instantly get the market price quote and sell or buy with one click.

    Smart Wallet

    Manage assets from all your addresses in one place. Auto calculation of profit/loss on trades based on fees and royalties. Get recommended prices for sale depending on traits and rarity.

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